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Unleashing Your Compassion

We have been hearing for decades about the mind-body connection. Back in the '70s, it was something weird people thought about while the rest of the planet was following the well established rules of society. The adults around me were mocking the younger generation who talked about "finding" themselves.

Now, science has proven the connection. Our society has evolved to the point where study after study shows the correlation between our thoughts and our physical health. Scientists have proven that on a neurological and molecular level, we can dictate our physical state of being.

Step 1 is certainly the most important of all steps. Here is where you lay out your level of commitment. Make the choice to increase the compassion you extend to those in your orbit.

Step 2: Pay attention to your emotional blocks that prevent your compassion from flowing through you to those in need of your compassion. This can sometimes be quite difficult since those emotional blocks can be all consuming (such as anger or fear). Understanding these triggers to compassion blocking can help you overcome them.

awareness of another's suffering and the desire to alleviate it
Step 3: Understand the definition of compassion: the awareness of another's suffering and the desire to alleviate it. Compassion is an emotional state, not necessary an action. But compassion can compel action. Often, we cannot alleviate another's suffering but to be compassionate, we offer sympathy and understanding.

Step 4: Pay attention to the judgments you form that also block your compassion. The people who are in the most need of your compassion are the people you feel least compelled to extend it to.

Tip: It is much easier to start with judgments you hold for people more distant from you. Look at people in the news that have captured negative attention and assess how you are influenced by the judgments you hold for them. Can you let yourself feel compassion for someone who does not impact your own life? Start there.

expressing the compassion within
By expressing the compassion within, you are replacing the negative emotional states that lead to chaotic mind and unhealthy body with a positive, loving mind that leads to a healthy body.

Commitment to becoming more compassionate is not a goal but a classroom in which you will learn about yourself and about the intricacies of life. Your interactions with others will improve. Your overall well-being will improve. But it does have its challenging moments. Be kind, loving and patient with yourself.


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