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The Greatest Love of All!

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What is the greatest love of all? Is it the relationship you are currently in with your mate? Or is it with yourself? One of our greatest mistakes in life is seeking for love and validation outside of ourselves before making loving ourselves a priority.

To love yourself is to be loved by others. It is said that the people in our lives will treat us based on the relationship we have with ourselves. How does your current relationships with those around you look like at this very moment? Is it rocky and unstable? Or is it calm and peaceful with mutual respect?

Those around us mirror what they see. If we do not respect ourselves and treat ourselves with respect, then those around us will treat us the exact same way, even without being conscious of it. So if you are wondering why others around you are treating you with such disrespect, are you disrespecting yourself?

Be aware of yourself. What is your self talk? What are the messages you are sending yourself? Are you constantly telling yourself that you are afraid of how others will perceive you or are you telling yourself that you perceive yourself as a worth while individual? Where is your mindset at? Your mindset will be projected outside of you in your life.

self acceptance respect yourself
Self Acceptance is a key ingredient to loving yourself. If you cannot accept your authentic self, how can you have the capability to show yourself true love? Why be so critical of your authentic self? We are created to perfection and given the correct conditions, when given to the world only amazing experiences can be manifested.

Do you respect yourself? So many are guilty for not showing ourselves respect and consideration, yet we will treat a complete stranger with great respect? If that is the case, do you need to be a stranger to yourself to get good treatment? Sound silly doesn't it? Give yourself respect for goodness sakes.

Have you forgiven yourself lately? A part of loving yourself is giving yourself permission to forgive yourself for past mistakes and bad choices. That is all it was, bad choices. Often we have the tendancy to forgive everyone for horrible things they have done to us, but if we make one tiny mistake, we punish ourselves for what seems like forever.

Regardless whether they were bad or good, it is important for us to have the realization that good can come from bad choices. First of all you will know what not to do and secondly, it will give you a whole new perspective and insight that you never had before.

give yourself a big hug
Turn your bad choices into opportunities to better yourself and show compassion to others. Show yourself some forgiveness and while you are at it, give yourself a big hug and say "It's ok....I forgive you".

Many of us have been taught that self-love is a form of arrogance. That is not true. Self-love is purely individual whereas arrogance is loving yourself over others. So now, you have permission to love yourself. You have been created in the likeness of God or the divine, whatever you prefer to call this amazing power.

This divine power is pure perfection, so if you were made in the likeness of this power, doesn't that mean that you were created to perfection? It certainly does.


Grumpy old man said...

What a lovely post, and so true, God tells us that we were made to His image, and we should love others as we love ourselves. So how can we love other if we do not love ourselves...
Love your post, and I am also guilty sometimes of the things you warn against.
Thanks for visiting my site and thanks for following me, I am now also following you.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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