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To be A More Creative Person

Do you wish you were more creative but don't know where to start? Many of us wish we were more creative in our lives. How can we become more creative if we think we have lost the spark?

For one person, being more creative may mean they wish they could become a painter, musician, writer, dancer or some other sort of performing artist.

However, this is not a practical life style for everyone. Not everyone is going to find it realistic to embrace a life that is totally creative and artistic to the core.

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Why People Feel the Way They Do

Have you ever wondered why some people seem driven to make a lot of money while others honestly seem to be satisfied with just "getting by?"

Have you known people who do so much for others they become enablers and you think that’s not a good thing? Or do you know people who seem so immersed in their own needs they don’t do enough to help others?

If another person’s beliefs and attitudes are diametrically opposed to yours, you’ll have problems relating to that person and may have serious conflict because of your differences. Basically, the greater the gap between your values and someone else’s, the more difficulty you’ll have with that person.

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The Greatest Love of All!

couple with greatest love of all
What is the greatest love of all? Is it the relationship you are currently in with your mate? Or is it with yourself? One of our greatest mistakes in life is seeking for love and validation outside of ourselves before making loving ourselves a priority.

To love yourself is to be loved by others. It is said that the people in our lives will treat us based on the relationship we have with ourselves. How does your current relationships with those around you look like at this very moment? Is it rocky and unstable? Or is it calm and peaceful with mutual respect?

Those around us mirror what they see. If we do not respect ourselves and treat ourselves with respect, then those around us will treat us the exact same way, even without being conscious of it. So if you are wondering why others around you are treating you with such disrespect, are you disrespecting yourself?

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Dare to Experiment with Your Idea

Creativity is inventing, experimenting,
growing, taking risks, breaking rules,
making mistakes, and having fun.
~ Mary Lou Cook ~

An excellent quality you'll want to develop in yourself, if you want to experience more fulfillment in life, is the willingness or courage to experiment.

It is one of the key qualities of highly creative people.

In fact, without this quality, many inventions, creative works, and more would have never materialized. They would have just stayed ideas in people's minds.

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Develop Conscious Habits

Many of our problems would be resolved if we just formed the right habits and stuck to them. However, we do not bring all of who we are to help us create new habits and we end up abandoning the very habits that we know would make us happier.

As you go about the project of reinventing your life, one key factor is to develop new habits and shed the old ones that no longer serve you.

It is difficult to let go of an old habit unless you replace it with a new habit. Get your emotions involved in creating a new habit and you will have a much stronger chance of making that habit fully ingrained in your life.

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Stop Smoking

Many smokers desire to quit, yet they are not only physically addicted, but mentally and emotionally as well. Many of them also beat themselves up as lazy or unmotivated. Here are tips to help anyone quit smoking.

The addiction to nicotine from cigarette smoking has been clearly documented and proven. It has clearly been stated and known that one of the biggest steps that can be taken to improve health and energy levels is to quit smoking.

Several things can be done in order to begin the process to help in stopping smoking. Many of these are simple changes implemented to the daily routine in order to quit this deadly habit. Smoking has been acknowledged by the medical community as an addiction that is so difficult to quit, it is comparable to kicking a heroin habit.

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Make Yourself Irresistible

I've learned a secret about what's going on 99% of the time when someone is not giving you the respect, admiration, or love you want.

It's a secret that probably not in 1 in 1,000 people will ever figure out on their own. Think about the last time you felt unappreciated at home or work.

Didn't at least part of your distress stem from the fact that you had no idea why this person wasn't responding to you? I think the REASON why we don't figure out the secret to making ourselves irresistible is that it's the opposite of what we've been taught about relationships.

Let me explain ...

Most of us are taught that when a relationship is struggling, we should be extra nice, thoughtful, and giving. These are wonderful qualities, and we should all strive to have them.

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Enrich Lifes Repertoire

When one calls to mind an inspirational individual, a few prevailing characteristics probably include that they are clear, concise and to the point, and, they are honest. You know where you stand with them.

Now contemplate those cryptic individuals in your life who don't seem to have a clue what they want or perhaps don't express what they really desire from you. And then there are those that have had to deliver a disquieting message but they sweetened the pill so much that you didn't have a clue what they were talking about. Bet they aren't on your "people who inspire me" list.

What we say and do, and how we say and do it, both directly shape how others experience us. Many times the assumptions people form about us are constructed because of the way we communicate. And this then directly impacts how they communicate in return.

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Don’t Be A Victim Of Insecurity

Because of insecurity, thousands of individuals often wallow in depression. In this state of insecurity, you might find it difficult to concentrate or focus on or allow yourself to enjoy feelings of achievement as emotions of self-judgment then emerge.

Negative sentiments such as "why push ahead if I never get anywhere, anyway?" shows low self esteem and lack of self confidence. Talking to yourself in a hard way brings forth unhealthy and defeating attitude.

When you begin to ignore the positive or optimistic feelings linked with achievement, it is so easy to sway back into negative self-talk and damage your success.

When you punish or chastise yourself by focusing on past failures rather than past accomplishments, it keeps you in the gloom of nothingness and uncertainty where there is no opportunity for aiming high.

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Setting Your Goals

Each one of us has what it takes to live our life to its full potential. Today is your starting point. You choose the direction you want to go. Once you have determined the direction you want to take then set some goals to get you there.

Is it really that simple? Actually, it is.

Once you set your goals, the next step is to follow thru on those goals.
Goals are nice but they mean nothing if you don't follow thru.

Setting Goals is an important component to motivation and success.

While it is possible to be successful when someone else is providing the motivation for you, frankly motivation is best when it comes from within.

So be honest with yourself. Are you genuinely interested in being successful in your business? If so, set realistic goals for yourself. And remember, setting the goals is only the beginning. You must take steps to reach those goals.

Try it this week. Set a couple small goals that you would like to achieve this week. Take the necessary steps to achieve those goals. You may be surprised at the results.

Then you will see what goals can do for you. Before you know it, setting goals will be a regularly part of your weekly routine.

Expect a Miracle

A long time ago a shopkeeper was opening a package of merchandise from England. He always admired the efficient way the British pack things as it was done with meticulous care.

When he opened it, there was a card on top. It said, "Expect a Miracle". He almost threw it in the trash and thought, "What does that mean? How did that get there?" but stuffed it into his shirt pocket.

That night he was emptying his pockets and showed it to his wife, "Look at this, 'Expect a Miracle'. What is that supposed to mean?"

"Maybe that is what we need", she said. "Our problems seem so overwhelming. Wonder what would happen if started expecting great things instead of always expecting the worst? Could miracles take place?"

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What is it you want out of life?

What is it you want out of life? Once you decide what it is you want to do and where you want to be, you then must realize what you have to do to change your thinking to achieve these desires. When we were babies, we knew exactly what we wanted. We cried loudly with no inhabitions holding back until we got what we wanted.

As we got older, we were clear about what we wanted and headed straight toward it with no fear. Along the way, we would hear someone say, don’t do this or that and as we got older the negative words would be more intense. As we go thru our lives, we somehow get stuck trying to figure out what other people want us to do. As a result we now do a lot of things we don’t want to do but what pleases others.

So how do we reclaim ourselves and our true desires? How do we get back what we really want with no fear, shame or inhabitions? How do we reconnect with our real passion. We start on the smallest level by honoring our preferences in every situation, no matter how large or small. Don’t think of them as petty, they might be inconsequential to someone else, but they are not to you.

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5 Easy Steps to Staying Motivated

Motivating yourself to excel at your job or to be an example to your employees, should not be something you do only when the spirit moves you. It’s an ongoing process that should include every facet of your business life. This means your mental attitude, physical well-being and appearance, work atmosphere, your interaction with others (clients and employees alike), and your off-the-job environment.

Motivational experts get paid big bucks to tell professionals, striving for success, that they must constantly examine these factors. How do you do that? Follow the 5 tips that follow, and watch the changes.

1. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Let’s realize that life is only 10% of what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. We’re responsible for our own actions and attitudes, and changing them when appropriate. When you’re around people/things that are uplifting and positive, you feel that way.

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Keep Your Concentration And Double Your Productivity

Do you always complete the task at hand before moving on to the next one? Further more what’s the criteria you use to choose your next task? Lot’s of people start something then part way through either get bored or convince themselves it’s the right time to begin something else.

Why this is a problem!

It’s a problem because if you do it often enough you will have started several tasks and finished none which will eventually lead to a feeling of overwhelm as deadlines for the unfinished tasks loom.

It’s also a problem because what you are choosing to do may not be the most important thing requiring your attention. Therefore it does not represent the best use of your time. Things that grab your attention tend to be urgent but not necessarily important.

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How Your Mind Works

Your mind has two parts: the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind. Together these two parts control all of your actions and ultimately the results you have in your life. As we explore each area of your mind, understand that while these ideas may seem simple and elementary, they have a wide reaching and profound affect on your life. They control every aspect of what makes you who you are and will continue to control everything in your life until the day you die.

The Conscious Mind

The Conscious Mind is where you do all your day to day thinking. This is where you make decisions and where you primarily operate from in normal life. When you hold a conversation or watch a t.v. program you are using your conscious mind. Both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind think in pictures. If you think about your family members a picture of them will flash on the movie screen of your conscious mind.

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Longer and Healtier Life

In modern times most people at the age of 1 to 25 years, are healthy and very active from 26 to 40 years they become tired, from 41 years up to the age of 80 they become sick, and might have age related eseases such as Blood Pressure, diabetes, gout, cancer, poor eye sight, back ache and they die at this age of 80 years.

Can this situation be changed? The answer is yes in fact any person can live up to 100 years and above with better health, the secret behind the healthy lifestyle is:


Your health is determined by the type of food you eat.The secret to healthier life is to eat a lot of fresh and natural food, these include, fruits and vegetables, the fruits and vegetables takes care of your imunity, look of your skin, help the function of your bowels and enable you to avoid conticipation.

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