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Building Your Confidence

Building confidence whether in an individual or team situation can greatly impact the outcome of a situation or even the success of a respective venture. If a member of your team is lacking in confidence then it is your responsibility to ensure that they are encouraged and lifted up to maximum performance and greater impact within communicative and people based circumstances.

Often all it takes is a little reminder of the skills and awards which we are all prone to over our lifetimes. Encouragement is a wonderful tool on boosting confidence of your self or someone else. A compliment not on their appearance but skills and worth can be worth more than you may know to someone lacking in confidence. Make note of points which you can comment on so that your team and friends always know that they are important and respected.

If you hear someone putting them-self down it is often that the reason is a lack of confidence and self put downs are a clear sign that they are desperate for someone to pay them some attention or pay them a compliment. Overlooking a statement is the same as agreeing so it is important to ensure that all of your comments towards them are positive and uplifting. As they old saying goes ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all’ in this case if you can’t find something nice to say then find someone who can because a person who lacks in confidence will be suffering and needs attention.

Take a chance on some one who may be slightly lacking in confidence; it does not mean that they are less of a person than another it just means that when they do succeed they will benefit more from the experience and you may find that you have a better friend or staff member because of it. Being offered a challenge and being shown how to overcome each step of the way develops healthy and responsive respect within a person both for them selves and for you because you helped.

Because confidence and building confidence is largely based on how the respective person feels about them selves it may be helpful to understand the reasons for the lack of confidence, as in many situations just by discussing your doubts about yourself a different perspective could be all it takes to build that confidence and make sure it lasts. Discussion and an open friendly environment are needed while building confidence. While in more serious situations professional counseling or personal development may prove more effective in building confidence in yourself or someone close. It is important that you can understand when someone needs more help than you can offer but that you remain supportive and consistent.

A challenge and a few good compliments along with some empowering reminders of our achievements will boost the confidence of a king. Of course it is necessary to be aware of the other side of a lack of confidence and not encourage people into believing that they are better than every one else. Humility, pride in self and a group of supportive people can make the difference between success and failure so if you see someone struggling it doesn’t hurt to offer them a helping hand because by building someone up today they may help you step up tomorrow.


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