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Do you like you? If you do not like yourself, who and what do you like and why do you like it. Here is a crazy question. If you could be any, one you wanted to be who would you be? These are just a few questions please feel free to think about these in your share time.

Share time this is one of the more over used words in the English language. The one thing on this green earth that we have the lease of is time. Okay lets' get back to the original question. Are you happy, I have found that more of us are not happy.

In fact, people are very unhappy. Most people are just wasting time doing the things that they believe the world and/or those around them want them to do. If that, is the way that you are living your life is it worth it.

Think about this "A third of the people in the world like you. A third of the people in the world do not like you. A third of the people in the world do not care." So why are you concern about the later two thirds? This is your life you live it for only one person that person is Y.O.U. You cannot live anyone elses' life. You can also only be one person that person is you. Now if you do not know who you are you will have to start with finding that first questions answer first. So please do not read any farther until you have done that first part.

Back again, to are you happy yes you? We find many reasons to be angry, upset, annoyed, passed off etc. Why do you do this to yourself? Why do you regularly look for and find a reason to start a fight and/or argue. What is wrong with you let be honest. Just the fact that you can read and understand this writing is amazing. The fact that you are here now is a wonderful and really, amazing thing. I read a story about a young man who climbed a mountain. Yes, I know people climb mountains for years, right. However, this young man did it with no legs. Yet, you hear people complain about walking a flight of steps.

There are millions of stories about people who done amazing and wonderful things. If you do not relieve me, you can look on line or visit your local library. I commented earlier on time. Please get off your bottom and start living a productive life.

Start being the person you should and can be. If you are not happy what will make you happy? Stop living a lie, stop lying to everyone and you. The person that you see in the mirror is the only person stopping you. Stop making excuses for you and stop blaming the world and all of those on it for your poor choices.

Your best day is today. You can do it. Success is yours if you are willing to see things as they are and stop living a fantasy that is really a horror story. Start now with the knowledge that for every bad thing that you can find to be angry about there is a thousand things you can be very happy about yes right now.


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