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Don’t Be A Victim Of Insecurity

Because of insecurity, thousands of individuals often wallow in depression. In this state of insecurity, you might find it difficult to concentrate or focus on or allow yourself to enjoy feelings of achievement as emotions of self-judgment then emerge.

Negative sentiments such as "why push ahead if I never get anywhere, anyway?" shows low self esteem and lack of self confidence. Talking to yourself in a hard way brings forth unhealthy and defeating attitude.

When you begin to ignore the positive or optimistic feelings linked with achievement, it is so easy to sway back into negative self-talk and damage your success.

When you punish or chastise yourself by focusing on past failures rather than past accomplishments, it keeps you in the gloom of nothingness and uncertainty where there is no opportunity for aiming high.

Why harshly criticize yourself or anyone else? Insecurity is a very self-destructive behavior. Criticizing yourself severely weakens your achievements and your growth at the same time.

Belittling or undermining the triumphs of other people creates invisible barriers to warm rapport and relations, making it tough to accept situations which foster opportunities and positive growth. It is very unnecessary and self sabotaging to blame and judge yourself just because you weren’t able to influence other people’s feelings and thoughts.

When you’re too busy in attempting to control external factors, then you might not be in command of yourself. Lack of confidence and feelings of insecurity could compel you to attempt to control external events, including others. For instance, attempting to manipulate the way a person feels about you could be so overwhelming, not to mention frustrating.

Of course, you cannot command or influence other peoples feelings, but you could always be in control of the way you react or respond toward them. When your sense of security and confidence are inadequate, you may inflict a retreat on yourself to avoid taking risks or challenges.

When a very successful or triumphant event does happen, you might conclude that it’s just sheer luck. Beliefs and self-talk like "In spite of my efforts, there’s still no effect on the outcome," might stem from past programmed concepts and ideas which you received from disparaging other individuals.

Endeavoring to impact everyone or everything around you, instead of handling your own behavior and emotions, weakens your consciousness and self growth. It reinforces more insecurity on your part. The point there is trying not to focus too hard on stopping others on their road to success, but instead to focus on your own achievements and personal growth.

Concentrate on enhancing your strengths to be more optimistic and delighted. Work on appreciating and recognizing your talents and competencies (kindness, endurance, candidness, positivity) that are always there within you.

When you motivate and empower your body and mind to build your skills and resources, you strengthen and solidify your commitment to aspire higher.

Anti-insecurity Advice 1: Each day when you wake up, ask yourself "What good things I could do today?" Do the same everyday.

Anti-insecurity Advice 2: Always be thankful for what you have.


MZ ARIFIN said...


Free Your Mind said...

everything in this world are nothing secure 100%, because no body is perfect, but we can feel safe by staying aware of the worst thing that could happen and also think positively about destiny that written by God Allah SWT.
I agree with your article, safe feeling are actually coming from our heart and our vision about the world.

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