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Ten Thing You Can Do to Reduce Your Stress

These are really simple tips but most of them works quite well for people. If we do at least half of them we would be less stressed person and that means you would be happier. Try to think about that and make your choice - fight with stress or stress about it!
  1. Share your worries with family or friends whenever possible.
  2. Try to develop a social network or circle of friends and make time to see the people that matter to you.
  3. Exercise regularly - even a brisk walk at lunchtime is better than nothing. Plan in your exercise time otherwise it won't happen.
  4. Give yourself treats and rewards for positive actions, attitudes and thoughts.
  5. Don't be too hard on yourself- try to keep things in proportion.
  6. Don't bottle things up or sit all night brooding - think realistically about problems and decide to take some appropriate action; if necessary, distract yourself in a pleasant way.
  7. Plan for the future and do not dwell on past mistakes or disappointments. Don't beat yourself up.
  8. Relax every day and make time for YOU.
  9. Learn to delegate both at work and at home.
  10. Take short rests during the day and have proper breaks for meals. Take that lunch hour (or half hour).


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