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"What Makes Me A Beauty Expert?"

I didn't choose to be a Beauty Expert. It chose me. I still don't know why it chose me, lately I've felt its part of my purpose and I feel so very blessed for it and this powerful thing called destiny.

I have lived my whole life seeking perfection. I wanted to look good but at the same time, I never quite understood how to accept myself.

I went to Beauty College to be an Aesthetician after high school in hopes of learning the secrets to preserve my youth. I studied the Aesthetician course for skin care. My studies included basic skin care with the understanding of how ingredients in products affect the skin, skin waxing and make-up application.

I learned how to apply foundation, eyeliner, eyelashes, and contour the eyes with shadow and the cheeks with blush, using the appropriate cosmetic utensils. I lived make-up and all things skin. I guess I was a little obsessed back then.

Specialty treatments at the time were Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Glycolic Acid and Enzyme Peels. One of the perks of going to Cosmetology School was being able to sample hundreds of skin care products. All the high end products like Murad, MD Formulation, Yonka, Aveda, Dermalogica were in my beauty bag. I gained a remarkable amount of knowledge about ingredients. It only fueled my fire even more to take care of my skin.

Those skills were a wonderful prerequisite for a career in entertainment. As a Hollywood actress and body double I had to face my insecurities. I had no choice. Every day I had to look in the mirror because that's how I made a living.

Playing dress up every week with the perfect hair, make up and wardrobe didn't make for good therapy. When the lights and cameras were rolling it was definitely make believe. After the director yelled cut, I would revert back to feeling too thin or too fat. Never feeling beautiful enough... You would think after such success I could accept myself.

Being a body double is much like being a shadow. I learned so much from my shadow. Everyone that I thought was perfect had their own challenges and struggles. We all were so focused on external beauty that we forgot the foundation...inner beauty.

Then, around two years ago, I was enlightened by some of my friends. It enabled me to delve into the foundation one must build to be truly beautiful...which starts within.

The beauty of your cells and a beautiful mindset are far more beneficial than any cosmetics or a fancy wardrobe.

Now don't get me wrong. It's great to have style and a healthy body image but one should not be so obsessed that we forget the underlying significance. I truly feel that we must work the inside just as much as the outside.

So I ask, how beautiful are you? Are you just as beautiful from the inside as the outside?

Unless you're in a hurry to see 30, 40 or 50 here are 5 simple steps you can start today so you look better, feel better.

  1. Make the mirror your friend, do you say things like, "If I didn't look like this..., then I would be perfect", or "I wish there were no such things as mirrors so I wouldn't have to see myself." Now is the time to embrace who you are & make the most of what you have. Imagine spending your time highlighting them. If you have great hair-let it shine. If you have great teeth smile like there's no tomorrow. If certain clothes flatter your figure, walk with confidence in your power. I find that when we focus on our likes our dislikes diminish.
  2. Make your feast fashionable everyday by consuming a diet rich in antioxidants to slow down the aging process & fight off disease. The Center of Disease Control suggests eating 5-9 servings of fruits/vegetables a day for optimal health. As far as exercise is concerned find a routine that you are comfortable doing so it becomes consistent. Practice makes permanent that's what it's about; developing a system you can follow.
  3. Make up your mind by brushing away the negative thoughts beliefs about yourself (I'm not beautiful, I don't like this, I don't like that...) your thoughts, words actions should align at all times. You can make one small shift in your subconscious to synergistically blend them together. Be the You, You always wanted to be live the life you love!
  4. Make the most of your appearance. Communication starts way before you open your mouth. In fact 55% of your communication skills are based on your appearance. Appearance does matter. So if you are feeling I'm not worth it or I don't have the time. You could very well be missing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars because of your appearance or lack there of. Dress how you want be who you are. It's time to stop conforming to images we see on TV in magazines. Your appearance, your image, your life...should be you-stand in your authenticity. Pretending to be something you are not worrying about what other people think can be exhausting.
  5. Make it funny. As serious as you need to be. Good old fashion laughter is good for your health. Not only is it good for your heart. It is also a stress reducer. Remember stress causes Free Radicals which slow down the aging process. Go ahead laugh out loud you will feel AMAZING!

Remember, You're Valuing Yourself...

The point of all this? By taking extra care of yourself you lay the foundation for being beautiful from the inside/out..


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