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Some people think that successful people were born lucky or perhaps had all of their cards handed to them in life. This may be true for some of them, but the majority of successful people get there all by themselves. All it takes is mind power, positive thinking and drive.

To be successful people, the first thing you need to consider is creating a realistic plan. The plan should be in two parts; long term goals and short term goals. Success entails a lot of planning so pick up an agenda, lots of paper and pens and get started.

The purpose of creating two types of goals is because there are things that realistically you cannot accomplish in two weeks or a few months such as earning a degree for example, however something small like; changing apartments or requesting a raise at work can be a short term goal that can happen in a short amount of time.

Designing a life plan involves setting yourself up to succeed. Write down goals that are realistic with time frames that will work, if you make a plan that you know in the back of your head won't work, then you might be inclined to not really follow through with it anyways.

try to write down your goals
A visual plan helps you to see where you need to go and what steps are needed to get there. You can add time lines that are workable and add details that are needed to help you out. Once you have a plan you feel successful already!

With a plan in hand, the next step is to make it happen. Nothing happens by just sitting around talking about it or continuing with your regular day to day life, you need to make some changes and begin implementing your plan.

Success comes from people who show leadership qualities. In order to get ahead, you have to be the kind of person who can express themselves confidently, take chances, make mistakes, take the initiative and lead rather than follow.

Standing out from the crowd is a sure way to earn your path toward success. You will find that you start to grow ahead of the people around you and when that happens you are becoming successful.

Everyone has different ideas about what success is. To some people it`s when they can buy an island where to someone else it might be when they get that manager position at work. Success is measured by yourself, so your plan and your goals and whatever they are is what you feel success is to you and your life.

everyone can be successful
The key is to stick with your plan and carry out your small goals that lead up to one of your short term goals. Once you start finishing all the small goals and see that you are starting to combat your long term goals you will really see the fruits of your labor, and it will be almost time to create a new plan!

Everyone can be successful, it doesn't matter what your life has thrown you or what your limitations may be, if you can think positively then you are already on the right track. Remember to listen to you and no one else, unless of course they are being supportive!

Don't let negative comments get you down, flustered or make you want to give up. In a few years from now, you can either be in two places; somewhere far away from where you are in your life now, or it can remain the same.


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great post!

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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

The successful people I know worked diligently and wisely to get where they are -- and many were fortunate enough to have mentors (or smart enough to look for and get mentors).

AVY said...

So very true, nice to read this.

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