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Wrong Reasons to Spend Money

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Some people who just can`t control their spending habits. And this only becomes a problem when other areas in life begin to suffer.

This suffering can be intrinsic, financial or just in general whether it`s with family, friends or work. There are often reasons why someone has the need to spend and it`s often when those issues are addressed, that the over-spending stops.

Spending money can become an addiction. It can be so habit forming that it becomes who you are and what your routine looks like. You might be in the habit of going to the store and buying whatever you like and over buying on things, just because you can buy it at that time.

Often a shopper with a problem will buy on impulse and will buy in quantity or quality. That means that they may be able to buy four dresses without trying them on, or they may have no thoughts against buying an item not needed even when it costs too much money.

Feeling like you have an addiction to spending money means that after you make your purchases, you feel over-whelmed with guilt and grief. You might get home and not even know what possessed you to buy some of the things you did, but might feel too ashamed to take them back.

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Spending money on items that you may not need can take a heavy financial burden on you and your family. You might be neglecting on important items or bills in order to pay for impulsive items. This kind of stress can put a heavy toll on someone living alone, or in a family. Financial stress is one of the number one causes behind divorces.

When you have family members and friends that are questioning your spending money, you might have some insight into what they see. Often you may not notice how other people view you because they do not say anything, but when they do voice an opinion, it may be time to listen to what they have to say.

There might be a breaking point, where your family breaks up, or your financial walls have come crumbling down around you where you address that you need help. There are ways to battle the addiction of over-spending and it just takes some quick soul searching.

Many times buying items comforts us in some way. It makes us feel good to buy new items and spend money, there is a little piece of heaven attached to it. However, you have to ask yourself if you only buy things when you need comforting. This is an important issue to address. Do you run to the mall when you feel bad about something? Do you over spend on groceries when you know you can`t afford it?

Some strict self-discipline needs to take place for change to occur. You can talk with your doctor about seeing someone for counseling to deal with the emotional issues.

to save money
You can also contact your bank and make an appointment to talk to someone. Your banking professional can give you a monthly budget and help you look at ways to pay off bills and save money.

Often changing the way you think, can alter your spending desires. Take a temporary second job and start collecting the money in a separate account. When you go shopping you will begin to think about the items you are buying and how much they cost and how much work you had to do to pay for those individual items.

Start to buy the things you need in cash leave the debit card at home and find other ways to comfort yourself when you need it.


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